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Hi, I'm Sue Griffey AKA SueMentors. SueMentors courses will help you build, update, and use your Professional Presence to get known and noticed! "I was not afraid of writing the cover letter but felt very confident, especially having the biopara as a foundation. - Grateful job holder"

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SueMentors (aka Sue Griffey, DrPH, BSN) gives you the HOW to get you to the next career path step. Her hallmark is using real-world examples to demonstrate her practical advice for your professional presence (through guides, materials, videos, webinars, and workshops).

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Your Career HOWs - Brief videos that give you practical, focused advice, complete with real-mentee examples and sample scripts for everything Professional Development

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Ideas, tips, and inspiration about mentoring to get the most about being a mentee...or a mentor, too!